Have a question about installing the Yale Pro SL?

Yale Pro SL Installation FAQs

My door is jamming or my deadbolt isn’t extending properly How can I fix this issue of a misaligned door?

We partnered with Leslie Segrete, co-host of the Money Pit and designer on TLC’s Trading Spaces, to help you with a common smart lock issue. Sometimes, a misaligned door can make it seem like your deadlock is malfunctioning and losing battery faster than usual. Learn how to fix your door’s alignment with our simple, easy DIY steps and tips, and get your Yale smart lock working properly!

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Do Yale Pro SL keypad deadbolts meet industry standards?

Yale Pro SL keypad deadbolts have been engineered, utilizing proven technology, to meet strict ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 standards.

Do Yale Pro SL keypad deadbolts fit standard residential doors?

Yale Pro SL keypad deadbolts are designed to fit most standard doors.  In most cases, Yale Pro SL keypad deadbolts can be installed in under 30 minutes using only a screwdriver; no additional holes need to be drilled into the door. If the door has not already been prepped for a deadbolt lock, please go to www.yalehome.com and download the proper template to prepare the door.

Does it matter whether the door is left-handed or right-handed?

Yale Pro SL keypad deadbolts are designed to fit both right-handed and left-handed doors and will electronically set the correct handing during the initial set-up process.  For instructions on how to change the handing of the lock, please refer to the Programming/Operating Instructions.

How do I adjust the deadbolt between 2-3/8" and 2-3/4" ?

Your deadbolt will come from the factory set to 2-3/8” backset doors. If you need to adjust the deadbolt to 2-3/4” your deadbolt is equipped with twist bolt technology. Simply put one hand on the deadbolt faceplate, the other on the square tailpiece hole, and twist the faceplate 180 degrees to extend the deadbolt backset.