Yale Pro SL General Info

Yale Pro SL General Info FAQs

Do I have YRD156 or YRD256?

There are a few key differences:

  1. YRD156 is a Pro series is only available through professional security companies. Was your product installed by or sold to you by a security company?
  2. Appearance: you will see that the YRD156 has a larger battery cover and no privacy button on the inside of the lock
  3. Functionality: YRD156 does not have voice guided programming menus or privacy mode
  4. YRD156 also has a built in Zwave radio, so all YRD156 locks do not have a green Zwave Yale module inside the battery cover.
How do I get in if the batteries die?

Normally your lock will give you notifications up to one month in advance of your lock losing all battery charge. If you are in a situation where your batteries completely die, there are two metal posts on the bottom of your keypad, simply press 9V battery prongs against these posts and your keypad will light up, giving you temporary access.

How do I change the lock batteries?

Using the battery cover removal tool provided, insert the tip of the tool into the hole at the top of the black battery cover. Press downward then forward to loosen the battery cover, Remove the battery cover. Remove the 4 AA batteries and insert 4 new AA batteries. Reinstall the black battery cover bottom first.

How often should the batteries be changed?

The batteries are expected to last up to one year under normal operating conditions. Extreme high and low temperatures may affect battery performance. If the battery is low, a series of warning beeps will sound and the “Yale Pro SL keypad deadbolt will also provide you with a visual low battery warning after a valid code has been entered. The lock operates as normal immediately following the alerts. The critical battery indicator causes the Yale Pro SL keypad deadbolt to flash red and the lock does not operate

My batteries are draining quickly, why?

There may be a few reasons why your batteries are draining faster than expected.

First, check to make sure the white cable on the inside of the lock is securely fastened. To do this, you will need to remove the battery cover from your lock, remove the 4 AA batteries and then unscrew the three small black screws (two in the battery compartment, one at the base of the lock interior) and dismantle the interior side of the lock. The white cable connecter has two ridges that should be facing outwards and the cable connecter should snugly fit into the adapter located on the interior side of the lock. This video can help.

Another reason why your battery may be draining could be that, if you’re using a smart home hub (i.e. Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Connected by August, etc), your hub may be too far away from your door. If you continue to see issues, please contact support@yalelock.com.

What is the warranty?
  • Electronic Warranty – 1 Year
  • Mechanical Warranty – Limited Lifetime
  • Finish Warranty – Limited Lifetime
  • For more information visit: www.yalehome.com