Yale Assure Lever FAQs

Have a Question About the Yale Assure Lever?

Do I need anything else to make it work remotely?

If you have purchased our keypad only version (NR) you will need to purchase a Connected by August Kit or a Yale Smart Module to connect to any digital or web enabled services.

If the lock is locked, can you still open the door from inside the home?

Yes, even if the door is locked and the thumbturn is in the vertical, locked position, you're still able to open the door from inside the home - this is standard for all locks for fire safety. From the front of the door (keypad side) the user will not be able to open the door until they enter a valid entry code or use their app. 

How do I know if the door is locked or unlocked from inside the home?

If the thumbturn is in the horizontal position, it means the door is unlocked. If it's vertical, it's locked. . 

What Systems does my lock work with?

For specialty platforms like Control4 or Crestron, please contact your provider for details on purchasing our products to work with their systems.

Does my Z-Wave smart module allow me to use Voice Assistants?
Does my Connect By August Kit allow me to use Voice Assistants?

Yes, Connected By August enables you to use Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri to control your device.

What is the expected battery life?

Your lock uses 4 AA batteries which will last approximately one year with normal usage. Continuous warnings starting approximately 5 weeks before the batteries must be replaced.

Can I purchase a lock cylinder to use with my Assure Key Free Lever?

The Assure Key Free lever is designed to work without a key cylinder. We cannot guarantee the lock will function properly with a secondary cylinder or store bought cylinder and doing so will void your warranty. We offer keyed versions of the Assure Levers. Click here for more information. 

What is the warranty?
  • Electronic Warranty – 1 Year
  • Mechanical Warranty – Limited Lifetime
  • Finish Warranty – Limited Lifetime
  • For more information visit: Assure Lever Lock
What is needed for installation?

The Assure Lever Lock is simple to install. In most cases it can be installed with just a screwdriver. 

View our installation guides at the links below.

Download the free BILT app for interactive 3D installation instructions. 

Will the lock fit on my door?

The Assure Lever lock fits on most single bore hole standard preparation doors in North America.

  • Door thickness: 1 3/8” to 1 3/4”
  • Backset: 2 3/8” or 2 3/4”
  • Borehole: 2 1/8”

See our door compatibility checking tool here.

Is the lock weatherproof?

The Assure Lever lock is tested to ANSI/BHMA standards, and is resistant to the following temperatures.

  • Outside Temperature Range:
    -30°C to 60°C = -22°F to 140°F
  • Inside Temperature Range:
    -15°C to 70°C = 5°F to 158°F

The lock is not built to handle gates or applications where the interior of the lock is exposed to outdoor conditions all day or night.