Yale Assure Locks - Now Connected by August

Yale has been a favorite lock brand since 1840, with customers worldwide. Our sister company August is a smart retrofit lock pioneer that’s already one million users strong. We’ve joined forces to release the most integrated, full-featured smart keypad lock on the market: the Yale Assure Lock line is now Connected by August.

With the August module, you can control your Assure Lock using your method of choice - unlock your front door via Auto Unlock as you approach the door with your phone on you, remotely via the August app with the included August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, or through a compatible voice assistant (Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri). And of course, you can always use a simple entry code on the keypad for a phone-free option.

 Don’t have time to stop at home to let your dog walker / cleaner / significant other in? Grant access from your phone, or give them a virtual key to use themselves through the app. Have your hands full as you approach the door? Use Auto Unlock so you don’t have to fumble for your keys, and get a voice assistant to lock it behind you. Left for a trip and worried you didn’t lock the door? Check the door status through the August app — and monitor if / when your door opens and closes through August’s DoorSense™ technology.

 This collaboration also provides integrations for security system users and property renters. If you’re a SimpliSafe customer, simply add the lock to your existing security system to enable further lock / unlock automation and monitoring. If you rent properties through Airbnb or HomeAway, automatically grant mobile access or generate unique entry codes for the specific dates and times of your guests’ reservations. Check-in and check-out processes have never been easier, and you can say goodbye to inconvenient key exchanges and manually changing your code.

So what are you waiting for? Try out an Assure Lock - Connected by August, and get a simple, more secure way to control and manage your front door.

Connected by August