When is nexTouch The Right Fit?


Big Time Security for Small Businesses

For any business, big or small, security is no trivial matter. Whether you’re the CEO of a large enterprise or the owner of a retail store, you want to be sure that your property and assets are secure. Of course, if you run a large enterprise the technology is extraordinarily sophisticated in order to meet requirements that go far beyond the need to lock doors. It’s all about access control – managing who has access and when to specific buildings, departments, rooms or even storage cabinets, and tracking who comes and goes.

Access control can be of value to the small business owner, too, but the systems designed for large enterprises are just too costly. That’s why Yale developed nexTouch – scalable lock management tailored specifically for the needs of small businesses. Yale nexTouch offers small business owners the security of commercial grade locks and the convenience and cost-efficiency of wireless installation. Here’s what nexTouch provides when integrated with a Z-Wave security system from Alarm.com:

  • Wireless -- Uses wireless Z-Wave technology, making installation easy and affordable;
  • Manage Employee Access – Create up to 500 PIN codes for employees, set access rights and schedules for each;
  • Protect Assets and Data – Secure private offices, server rooms, storage rooms or any other space, limit access to specific employees, view a history of when rooms were accessed and by whom, and confirm proper lock-up after hours;
  • Simplify Unattended Deliveries – Never miss a delivery again by providing the delivery driver with temporary access to a back entry door;
  • Manage From Anywhere – The Alarm.com app allows you to monitor your nexTouch and manage access from anywhere; see whether someone entered your office, whether your store opened on time, easily add or delete access codes when a new employee is hired or one leaves;
  • Keypad Lock -- Lever lock available in capacitive touchscreen or push button models.

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