Springtime DIY Home Projects with Yale


While we’re all staying at home more right now, it can be challenging to figure out the best use of time while hunkered down. Once you finish your Netflix queue, may we suggest a little DIY or home improvement project? It’ll give your eyes a screen break, occupy your hands, and help boost your spirits knowing you made a positive change to your home.

Check out some of our ideas below, and let us know what projects you’re working on, too! Tag us on Instagram with @YaleHome and #YaleHome

Grab some paint

Paint a room or piece of furniture you’ve been meaning to refresh. Bonus points if it’s a cheery color, or something you’ve refurbished to make new! There’s nothing like brightening a space or upcycling during this difficult time — especially with spring around the corner. 

Refresh your front door

If your old hardware is feeling stuffy or outdated, now’s a great time to update it with a new finish or modern door knob. If you’ve been sleeping on the smart lock movement, you can spend time fully immersing yourself in how they work and what works best for your home! We may be biased, but Yale has several locks to choose from — and most work with existing security systems and voice assistants for seamless integration. This video can help you figure out which lock is right for your home!  

Start spring cleaning

Clean out “that drawer” (or, let’s be real—that room): no one is proud of it, but we all have that space where things just...went awry. If even thinking of looking inside that downstairs closet, junk drawer or the garage/basement gives you the heebie-jeebies, that’s your sign it’s time to clean it out. Make a plan for how you’ll use that space once it’s nice and tidy, as motivation.

Clear out the kitchen

It’s not just closets and garages that need purging. Cut the clutter out of your life, and Marie Kondo your cabinets and pantries too! Bonus points if you donate unused, non-perishable items to people who need them most at this time. A tidy space will ease your mind, and you’ll feel oh-so productive.

Invest in a “WFH” space

While a makeshift setup may work for a few days, you may be working from home for an extended period of time right now. And that stack of magazines you’re using as a laptop stand needs to go. Clear out a space or surface to set up your temporary work from home space, or tidy up a spare bedroom for maximum productivity. 

Wishing everyone health, creativity and safety in the weeks ahead. We can’t wait to see what home DIY projects you tackle!