The Smart Way To Make A Scene

Smart home devices can be a lot of fun and can provide levels of security and convenience that were the stuff of science fiction not that long ago.

The ability to unlock the front door from your smartphone, set the lighting in your entire house with the push of a single button, or check on your home while away via Wi-Fi security cameras is both cool and incredibly practical. But the truly dazzling aspect of smart home technology emerges when you group multiple devices and operations into a single command, commonly called a “scene”. 

For example, a “good morning” scene might raise the brightness of the bedroom lights, adjust the thermostat, turn on music or the news, and even get the coffee brewing! 

Cool, right? The list of possible scenes is limited only by your imagination and budget, but for now let’s take a look at five popular scenes that integrate smart door locks.

1. Off To Work
How often have you rushed out the door in the morning, running late and harried, and later worried that you’d not locked the door or turned off the coffee maker? Have it all covered with a scene that locks your doors, turns off the lights, shuts down the coffee maker, adjusts the thermostat, and turns on the security camera. 

2. Welcome Home
 Never come home to a dark house again with a “welcome home” scene where unlocking your smart lock turns on the lights, the thermostat adjusts, and music or the TV turns on. And we’re approaching the holidays, so why not have your Christmas tree lights come on, too! 

3. Kids Are Home!
For kids coming home from school to an empty house, create a scene where entering their personal PIN into the door lock alerts mom and/or dad, the thermostat adjusts, lights come on and perhaps the TV is locked down until a specific time so homework can be done. 

4. Good Night
When bedtime arrives it can be tedious to go around the house turning off lights and checking that the doors are locked. Instead, a “good night” scene locks all the doors, turns off the lights, maybe keeps the kids’ bathroom light dimmed, and adjusts the thermostat. 

5. Movie Night
Make preparation for movie night a cinch with a scene that dims the lights, turns on the audio/video system, and locks the doors for peace of mind. Have a popcorn popper? Add it to your movie night scene! 

iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users can create these and other scenes for their HomeKit enabled accessories – including our Assure Lock SL with iM1 Network Module – through the Apple Home app. Scenes can be scheduled to happen at a specific time each day, triggered by another action or, better yet, just tell Siri, “Hey Siri, it’s bedtime,” and your bedtime scene unfolds! 

We’re sure that you can come up with ways to tweak each of these scenes to suit your specific needs, and of course there’s a host of others (“party time” mode, anyone?). But they all deliver the same benefit -- welcome relief for our fingers, which will have far fewer buttons to press.