Smart Is The Way To Your Valentine’s Heart!


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and with it the annual challenge to come up with a gift for that special someone that’s both romantic and original.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the tried and true. Flowers, chocolates, dinner out will never go out of style. But wouldn’t it be nice to put a 21st century spin on this Valentine’s Day? Of course it would! That’s why we suggest you give the love of your life a smart home device!

Now, you’re likely wondering how a smart home device could in any way be romantic. Oh ye of little faith! All it takes is a bit of creativity. So keep an open mind and read on.

1. Smart Home Hub:  Many Valentine’s Day gifts are meant to pamper – a day spa gift certificate, cozy slippers, a luxurious robe, breakfast in bed. But what could be more pampering than the gift of smartphone control of the entire house! Whatever your Valentine desires (well, maybe not everything) is at the tip of her or his fingers with a smart home hub that controls lights, appliances, entertainment and more! A couple of our favorites are the Samsung SmartThings Hub and the Wink Hub.

2. Amazon Echo/Apple HomePod:  Nothing says, “I care” better than the gift of a personal assistant! No more tedious screen tapping for your king or queen! Give them an Amazon Echo or Apple’s new HomePod and all they have to do is speak and Alexa (Amazon) or Siri (Apple) is at their service and ready to do their bidding.

3. Smart Lighting:  Yes, you’re right, the last thing you want to see is the look on your Valentine’s face when they open up a box that contains…light bulbs! So instead, install the bulbs ahead of time. Then, plan a nice romantic evening at home. When the time is right, press the “romance” lighting setting you’ve already programmed (or tell Alexa or Siri to set the mood), and be ready for your partner to swoon! We suggest that you check out the Philips Hue line of smart bulbs. 

4. Smart Plugs:  What we said for smart light bulbs also applies to smart plugs – if you value the relationship, do NOT give your significant other a wrapped smart plug for Valentine’s Day. Instead, connect a smart plug to the coffer maker and now your sweetheart can get the morning coffee brewing while getting ready for the day! Or make that toaster oven smart and it can start warming that croissant or other breakfast treat so it’s ready right on time. The key here, of course, is to have it set up in advance, and on Valentine’s Day morning – bang! – you give the gift of convenience combined with the aroma of brewing coffee! TP-Link and iHome offer some great options in smart plugs.

5. Smart Locks:  Really? A romantic angle for smart locks? You bet. The gift of security most certainly says that you care! Not buying it? How about this – you’ve set the mood with smart lighting and romantic music. Everything is perfect. The evening is progressing nicely when…the door swings open and in walks your nosy neighbor! Talk about a mood breaker! But if the house were smart lock-equipped a single command could have ensured that all was locked down nice and tight! No interruptions! Our Assure Lock® SL is ideal. And for you single folks in a relationship that has progressed to the sharing-of-keys phase, we offer one more compelling case for a PIN code lock compared to a keyed lock. Assign separate entry codes so if things don’t work out, you just cancel your ex’s code. No awkward key return! You’re welcome!

Happy Valentine’s Day!