Outfit Your Vacation Rental with Yale - Connected by August

With travel season heating up, you’re starting to plan your next trip — and prep your home or property to rent out to fellow vacationers. This season, small changes and installations can do wonders to take the guesswork and hassle out of booking your home. And isn’t stress-free relaxation what vacations are all about? Yale Locks and our smart technology integrations will make things smooth and seamless for you and your renters. But don’t take our word for it! The five-star reviews will speak for themselves.

 Count on our Yale Assure Locks - Connected by August to uplevel your hosting experience. The August app grants you direct integrations with popular home-sharing platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway, allowing you to automate rental access through your preferred hosting platform account. Granting guest access through the Yale keypad or the August app means no more complex hide-a-keys or lock box processes, eliminating causes of confusion for guests (and added inconveniences for you). The simple check-in process can also be a handy selling point on your property listing. 

At time of check-in, August will automatically generate a custom personal entry code (to use with the keypad) or digital key (through the August app) that is valid until time of check-out, and adjusts alongside any changes to the reservation time. These codes and keys can’t be reused, so your home remains secure, no matter how many visitors pass through. Temporary codes and keys can also be given to anyone else who may need access to your home: housekeepers, delivery personnel, repair people, and more...making it a breeze to maintain and manage your property, wherever you are. 

Make this smart investment in your rental property today. From ease and convenience, to trusted security both you and your guests can count on, let us bring a little smart home to your summer hosting experience. It’s so easy, it just might feel like you’re the one on vacation.