Optimizing Your Home for the COVID-19 Era

Optimizing Your Home for the COVID-19 Era


Quarantine, shelter-in-place, whatever you and your city are calling it, one thing is clear: we’re spending more time than ever at home. We’ve also become increasingly aware of the need to keep our spaces sanitary and make sure our high-touch, indoor areas work most safely and effectively for us both now and for the future. 

Whether you already use Yale products or are looking for inspiration, read on for some tips from our team on how to optimize your home for healthy, effective living during this time. Wishing you all well during these trying times. 

If you already have a Yale Assure Lock that works with Z-Wave Plus...

  • Lock and unlock your door from anywhere on your smartphone by adding the lock to your ADT app. 

  • Utilize Auto-Lock to ensure your home is locked when you’re inside — again, keeping your hands away from the door.

  • Integrate with voice assistants so you can ask to lock / unlock or check the lock status without touching your phone or the lock (or getting up from the couch!)

  • Wipe your door knobs and levers since you touch them multiple times a day (usually unconsciously). Clean your electronic lock with an alcohol based sanitizing spray or wipe, but do not use petroleum based products such as acetone.

What updates are you making to your home to stay safe and productive during this time? Tag us in the comments to share your stories.