Ok, Google

The Nest x Yale Lock Now Works with Google Assistant

When classic meets cutting-edge, there’s limitless potential. The Nest x Yale Lock combines Yale’s 177 years of experience making the world’s strongest locks with Nest’s industry-leading connected home technology. What does this mean? A lock that’s secure, convenient and connected. And now, it’s being taken to the next level with Google Assistant compatibility. 

Now, you can engage Google Assistant to lock your door, report status and integrate with Routines. Convenient peace of mind has never been simpler than being able to double-check that your door is locked while driving to work, or securing your home hands-free, the minute you walk in. Existing Nest x Yale Lock users will be able to enable this feature quickly and easily, while new users have access to this feature upon purchase of their Nest x Yale Lock. 

Set Routines, so you can tell Google Assistant, “OK Google, I’m going to bed” and your Nest x Yale Locks will automatically secure — and Google Assistant will confirm all doors are locked for extra security. “OK Google, I’m leaving” lets you set other doors (back door, side door) to secure on your way out the front. 

For security reasons, we don’t allow Google Assistant to verbally unlock, because theoretically someone could command from outside or into an open window to gain access to the home. See? We’ve got you covered.