Now Available: The Assure Lever Lock™

Ever since we announced it at CES, we’ve been waiting with excitement for the Assure Lever Lock to arrive at-market, and in your homes. We’re pleased to share that the model is now available for purchase! There’s no time like spring and summer to refresh your home and take the next step in convenience and security for your household. 

The Assure Lever Lock brings the same security and simplicity of our front door offerings to your interior rooms and non-deadbolt entry doors. This addition to our Assure product line adds easy-to-use, sleek functionality to your home office, wine cellar, recording studio, storage closet, side or garage entry, and anywhere else in your home you’d enjoy the benefit of added security. With the intuitive touchpad, gain access with a simple unique code that can be changed or deleted at any time. 

Available in both keypad and touchscreen versions, this new lock features a tamper-proof, key-free Academy Lever, with a transitional curved look to match the curve of the keypad. It can be used as a standalone keypad lock, or as a smart lock enhanced with a Yale Smart Module, including Z-Wave Plus and Connected by August. Z-Wave Plus connected locks will integrate into most Z-Wave enabled smart home systems, providing a seamless home security experience. The Connected by August Kit powers the lock with August Smart Lock capabilities — including the ability to remotely lock and unlock your door from anywhere; Auto Unlock upon approaching the door; grant access to friends and family through digital keys, control with leading voice-assistants and more.

Sound great? We think so, too. You can now purchase it on, and through other major retailers, priced at $149 - $299 depending on the model and connectivity. The locks come in oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel finishes.