Home Tips from the Dads of ASSA ABLOY

father and child hugging in front of Yale Assure SL

It’s time to recognize Dad. We’re grateful for the way the fathers and father-figures in our lives have protected us, provided for us, made us laugh, offered us support and taken care of our families in the big and small ways. Thank you! 

Knowing dads often have a wealth of wisdom, we’ve asked the dads of August, Yale Home and ASSA ABLOY to share their top home-related tips, spanning security, working from home, spending time with family during quarantine and more. Check out some of their best advice below.

Home Security Practices

  • “Take advantage of smart devices and remotely view any guests at the front door using the doorbell camera.” - Patrick Bleser, Yale Home US

  • “Safety First. And Second. When there is doubt (about whether it is safe), there is no doubt (it is not safe); go make it safe.” - Anonymous, August Home

  • “Having an intelligent home can really help you manage your families security and safety. It can bring you peace of mind knowing everyone and everything is okay no matter where in the world you are.” - Kevin Kraus, ASSA ABLOY

WFH Tips

  • “Know when your day starts. More importantly know when it ends.” - Archie Crichton, August Home

  • “Number 1. To-do's written out the night before for the next day. Number 2. Get up early enough to hear the birds chirping.” - John McGuire, ASSA ABLOY

  • “Create a separate space; have indicators for open door times and in-meeting / need quiet times.” - Anonymous, August Home

  • “Stay on mute just in case the dog barks.” - Mark Caterino, Yale Home US

Quarantine Family Activities

  • “Rose, Bud, Thorn at the dinner table. Your Rose is the best thing that happened that day, Bud is what you are looking forward to tomorrow and Thorn is what you would like to do over or didn't go well for you. It’s a great way to have meaningful conversation with the kids.” - Patrick Bleser, Yale Home US

  • “Zoom Quizzes with family on a Saturday, bringing Ireland, Canada and US members together.” - John McGuire, ASSA ABLOY

  • “Tons of outdoor yard beautification projects, flowers, hummingbird feeders, birdbaths, mulching, etc … Power washers are also lots of fun! My 24-year-old daughter has power washed nearly everything she could!” - Mark Caterino, Yale Home US

  • “Canoeing, hiking and gardening.” - Anonymous, Yale Home US

  • “Breakfast, lunch and dinner with my family every day.” - Anonymous, August Home 

General Dad Advice

  • “Take time for yourself. As a dad I tend to forget about this as I try to help out everyone all the time.” - Steve Fencita, Yale Home US

  • “Learn to love yourself.” - Archie Crichton, August Home

  • “Keep it simple, focus on basics, turn off the TV and limit time on electronics in general.” - Patrick Bleser, Yale Home US