For Back-to-School:

Locks That Tell You The Kids Are Home – Now That’s Smart.

We’re smack in the middle of the back-to-school season, with parents franticly shopping for everything from backpacks to binders, laptops to lunch boxes. But in addition to the clothes, the gear and the gadgets, what about your child’s safety? Sure, you’ve laid down the rules for safely getting to and from school, whether they’re walking, cycling or riding the bus. But concerned parents might want to go a step further and install a smart lock that can automatically send an alert when a child arrives home. Assure smart locks from Yale can, when connected to a smart home hub, do exactly that.

Of course, the kids can have standing orders to text mom or dad the minute they walk through the door, but hundreds of years of human experience has shown that children are not always reliable. That’s why a Yale smart lock could be a parent’s smartest move in gearing up for the school year.

Yale’s line of key-free electronic keypad deadbolts integrates with a wide variety of home automation and alarm systems. When paired with a compatible system, the lock can automatically send an alert to a parent’s smartphone when a child’s PIN code has been entered, instantly letting mom or dad know that they’re safely home. For further reassurance, the locks can be set to automatically lock once the kids are inside, and in most cases the status of the lock – locked or unlocked – can be checked using the system’s app. And best of all there are no keys for the kids to lose!

But keeping tabs on the kids’ comings and goings needn’t end there. If there are teens in the household with a curfew, a quick check on the app will reveal whether they’re coming home on time.

When integrated into a smart home or alarm system, every Yale Assure smart lock can store up to 250 unique PIN codes – more than enough for even the largest family! They work with virtually every major home automation and alarm system, including Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and Iris, among many others. And for even more convenience Yale’s Assure line of smart locks works with Amazon Alexa when used in conjunction with a SmartThings or Wink Hub. Have questions about how digital locks? Check out our FAQ page here.

So this school year, when shopping for the countless supplies the kids need, purchase some peace of mind with a Yale Assure smart lock that might actually outsmart those kids.