Yale Assure - Connected by August, Now With Voice Assistant Compatibility

Just in time for Halloween (a busy day for your front door), we’re thrilled to announce upgrades to our Assure Locks - Connected by August models. Greet trick-or-treaters, send the kids off in style (and monitor any monster mischief that may arise) with the Assure Lock’s intelligent upgrades.

August has enhanced its technology to be more compatible with Google Assistant, bringing your smart-home lifestyle to the next level. Check it out:

“Hey, Google, unlock the front door.”

Unlock your Yale Assure Lock - Connected by August for trick-or-treaters with Google Assistant: “Hey Google, unlock the front door.” The Google Assistant will then ask you for a security code, which is set up during the integration process. The unlock feature is the latest to be added to complement the lock and check lock status and door status features already available through the August app and the Google Assistant. 

Get Started

Ready to take advantage of all these exciting new features available on your Assure Lock - Connected by August? Here’s how to get everything set up in time for All Hallow’s Eve:

  1. Launch the Google Assistant app > go to Settings > Home control > press the Add New button (bottom right of screen) and select August.

  2. Enter your August account information.

  3. To unlock your door, set an entry code on the next screen. 

Note: If you wish to activate these features and have already linked your account, you must unlink the August account first and then re-link it.