10 Tips To Make Your Home More Secure

The word “home” conjures up images of comfort, safety, and warmth. That’s why home security is so important to all of us.

We want to protect our home so it remains a refuge – a place where we can always enjoy peace of mind. To help, we’ve compiled a list of home security tips for safeguarding your home. They range from easy, no-cost steps to others that require some investment in time and/or money.

1. Your House Should Look Occupied
It’s old advice but worth repeating – use automatic timers to turn lights on and off while you’re out or away. Old-fashioned timers work just fine, but there are plenty of high-tech options that allow you to control your lights remotely from your smartphone.

2. Leave A Radio Playing
When the house is empty, leave a radio tuned to a news or talk station on in a bedroom. Should someone break in and hear voices odds are they’ll turn right around and won’t linger long enough to realize it’s a radio.

3. Illuminate The Outdoors
Install outdoor lighting that either automatically comes on when the sun sets or that turn on via motion sensors.

4. Eliminate Hiding Spots
Landscaping that is dense enough to provide a place for someone to hide is never a good idea. It gives burglars a place to hide while scoping out your house and checking the security of your windows.

5. Rethink That Hidden House Key
Burglars know all the typical hiding places for a house key. So, either get very creative with your hiding place, or opt for a keyless lock on one of your doors, such as a Yale Real Living lock. These pushbutton or touchscreen deadbolts mean you never have to hide a key again. What’s more, they can be integrated into a home automation or alarm system for even more control.

6. Install Metal Bars on Sliding Doors
The locks on most sliding doors are not very secure, so it’s important to place a metal bar in the bottom track so if the lock is defeated, the door can’t be forced open.

7. Secure Your Windows
Be sure that all window locks are working properly, and never leave a window open when not at home. You might consider one of the many available aftermarket window locks.

8. Secure Window Air Conditioners
Be sure to use an air conditioner bracket, a sliding window lock and consider a steel corner brace, which prevents burglars from pushing the unit in or pulling it out.

9. The Sock Drawer Doesn’t Cut It
Burglars know all the usual places where people hide their valuables. So try to be original in where you stash them. Stay away from dresser drawers, vases, old handbags, the toilet tank, or the kids’ room. If you can, buy a safe.

10. Install An Alarm System
An alarm system is probably the best form of home protection. There are many kinds, including some that are professionally monitored. They come in all price ranges to meet a wide range of budgets. Some, such as systems from Alarm.com, allow you to integrate other smart home devices, such as Yale Real Living locks so you can lock and unlock doors using the Alarm.com app.