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Innovation with Roots in Colonial America and Part of the Industrial Revolution.

Beginning in 1840 with the handmade bank locks to the touchpad locks of today, Yale remains the best-known brand in the entire locking industry, for over a century. Yale and locks have become almost synonymous. Yale is distinguished by being the industry’s only true global brand, with a presence literally everywhere in the world.

After a very long history, Yale continues to be associated with reliable, high-quality locks, the Yale brand continues to stand behind products found in modern locking applications in over 125 countries. Over the years there have been advances in materials and manufacturing, but the basic principle of Yale’s ingenious design remains unchanged. Most of the locks securing American homes today owe a nod to Linus Yale’s genius — a fact that makes Yale the most trusted name in locks

Yale Vintage Combination Padlock

Padlock Display Board