A Nod to Linus Yale


Yale is one of the most highly recognized names in the security industry since 1840. Over the years there have been advances in materials and manufacturing, but the basic principle of Yale’s ingenious design remains unchanged. Most of the locks securing American homes today owe a nod to Linus Yale’s genius—a fact that makes Yale the most trusted name in locks.

The Yale family was originally part of a group of immigrants from North Wales. One branch of the family went on to found the world-renowned Yale University in Connecticut in 1701, while another revolutionized the locking industry.

Advertising and name recognition have long been a part of The Classic Yale Story. Our archive collection continues to grow and illustrates the strength of the company through photography and advertising.

A Yale Lock for Every Purpose

Advertising from The Yale & Towne Mfg. Co. from the early 1900's

Patents by Linus Yale, Sr, from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

20 Oct 1843 Pat. #3,312 combination lock - Springfield, MA (with C. Wilson)
13 June 1844 Pat. #3,630 pin tumbler safe lock - Springfield, MA
13 Feb. 1849 Pat. #6,111 safe - Newport, NY
18 Oct. 1853 Pat. #10,144 a bank lock - Newport, NY
28 Feb. 1854 Pat. #10,584 a bank lock - Newport, NY
22 May 1855 Pat. #12,932 a bank lock - Newport, NY
5 Aug 1856 Pat. #15,500 vault and safe door bolt - Newport, NY
8 Sept. 1857 Pat. #18,169 padlock - Newport, NY

Can you tell a Yale lock at three yards?

Locks & Yale Locks - advertisement in Harper's Magazine.